With Vacuum Bag EVA Glass Laminated Furnace
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With Vacuum Bag EVA Glass Laminated Furnace

Factory Supplier With Vacuum Bag EVA Glass Laminated Furnace.Use windcirculation heating mode, temperature equilibrium, so as to improve the quality of products. PLC variable frequency control system, temperature control precision, the default multi section temperature control, according to the different processes can be arbitrary choice of temperature section number. Double layer, double station, high yield, low energy consumption, it is the ideal choice for laminated glass.

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Product Description

With Vacuum Bag EVA Glass Laminated Furnace

Product Features

Ordinary float glass laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, curved laminated glass, color glass, LED dimming glass,

bullet-proof glass, multi-layer laminated glass, wired glass, move the door photo, gingle door glass, appliance panel glass, glass bead, photo studio crystal glass, movie and TV setting wall and wall partition screen glass, glass tea table, frameless paintings, personalized photo of glass, and so on.

EVAGlass laminating machine five layers 

1. Our laminating machine is out of common,

2. It can be jointed glass with EVA films though vacuuming and heating glass to make laminated glass.

3. Full-automation by one step, energy-saving, advanced technology; it is the best choice in the glass industry.

Product characteristic by using our machine

a. High transparent and quality laminating glass.

b. Work out the problem of EVA gummosis maintains the thickness of EVA film.

c. Color distribution of the coloured glass, bright and colorful.

d. Finished glass won't self-explosion or cracking, especially for producing the laminating glass below 3mm, this is the unique laminating machine can be achieved in China.

e. Outdoor of laminated products in the installation is safe to use without fear of acidic glue.

f. The device is suitable for production of safety glass, photoelectric glass, smart glass, decorative glass, laminated glass and other high-tech glass products.


A. This machine uses vacuum principle, in the vacuum condition heat the laminated material and glass together until the plastic melt, so they can join together.

B. It also can process silk, paper, calligraphy and painting, ultraviolet radiation unilateralism film, light adjusted film and so on with glass to produce all kinds of art glass or decorated glass.

C. This equipment doesn't include high pressure kettle or hot-press.

5 layer / High transparency, homogeneous distribution / For safety glass                           

* Machine size: 1.85*3m (Dimension can be designed as requirement)  


I. High transparency, homogeneous distribution and clear

II. Solve serious gum problems of the laminating glass edge; keep the best original thickness of the layer

III. Even color distribution

Technical parameters

Power supply:


Total power:


The maximum size of glass processing:


Vacuum bed sets:


Equipment oversize:




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