SGP Laminated Glass
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SGP Laminated Glass

Wholesale our Customized SGP Laminated Glass products are your best choice! Ionoplast interlayer. Compared with PVB film, SGP film (ionized interlayer film) is stronger, more transparent. It is the best choice for ultra-white glass.
The tear strength of SGP film is 5 times than that of PVB film, and hardness is 100 times than that of PVB film. It's the best material for bullet proof glass.

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SGP Laminated Glass

Product Features

SGP: The Ionic interlayer (SGP) originated from the American ion in the 1990s and is a new type of architectural glass layer whose material properties exceed other traditional building materials. The strength of SGP is 100 times that of PVB, the high strength and shear modulus are 50 times that of PVB. Excellent products solve the problem of anti-glazing in the region, and are recognized by global celebrities and architects all over the world, and there are more design possibilities everywhere. Building and this partition wall In order to separate the use of new materials from traditional glass B, the glass partition wall is used to better use the glass curtain wall.

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