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The Power and Significant Benefits of the Automatic Glass Straight Line Edging Machine


Today your old friend Champion Glass Machinery Co.,ltd. would like to introduce to you the powerful features and significant advantages of the Automatic Glass Straight Line Edging Machine.
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Fully automatic horizontal glass four-sided linear edger is a professional processing machinery for chamfering rectangular original glass.
It is suitable for processing building, door and window insulating glass, complex and single white glass and various other glasses. It has the overall characteristics of high processing precision, high efficiency and high mechanical configuration. It adopts the latest technology of "energy saving, low carbon, high efficiency and automation". Environmental protection design concept, using man-machine interface operation, four-axis linkage, automatic identification of glass size; and glass of different specifications and thicknesses can be continuously loaded without manual adjustment and waiting, and the belt vacuum suction conveys and fixes the glass after processing and grinding It can effectively avoid glass scratches and surface indentations, improve the speed of glass processing and reduce processing costs.