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How to choose the best glass polishing machine


How to choose the best glass polishing machine 
Today, Champion Glass Machinery Co.,ltd., an expert in the field of glass edging machines, will discuss with you how to find a high-quality glass edging machine manufacturer. In the glass deep processing industry, the glass edging machine is the equipment with the largest share, so as a purchaser of a glass factory, you should first pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

1. Model selection: According to the actual edging situation of the enterprise, choose the most suitable number of grinding heads, that is, according to the requirements of polishing brightness, the more grinding heads, the brighter the polishing, the faster the speed and the more functions.
2. Edge grinding accuracy: choose according to your actual needs. This can not only be based on the introduction of the product manual and the firm's words of the manufacturer. At present, the technical parameters of most manufacturers are unreal. To go to the scene to see the actual demonstration and the actual use of glass manufacturers.
3. Mechanical part: The guarantee of stability and accuracy, first of all, the rationality of the design and installation of the mechanical part will be an important factor. Ensuring the flatness of the mechanical part, the parallelism of the two beams, how to prevent deformation, and whether the machinery is a casting assembly are all important links to test the mechanical stability.
4. Function: The function of the edging machine is also an important sign to verify the edging performance. Whether it has a 45° chamfer, whether it does not warp the tail, whether it has the function of lubricating the grinding head seat, etc.
   At present, there are nearly 100 manufacturers of glass edging machines in China, but there are not many manufacturers that can be mature and quantified. Everyone must be careful when choosing the glass edging machine manufacturers. Thinking about it, so as not to take a detour.

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