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The Performance Characteristics of Glass Sandblasting Machine

The performance characteristics of glass sandblasting machine
1. Efficient and environmentally friendly design, automatic recycling, sorting and separation of sand, dust and rust, and recycling of abrasives
2. Dust-free and pollution-free operation, the actual detection dust recovery rate is 100%
3. Water separation filter device Built-in water separation filter to ensure dry and clean air supply
4. The shortcut button is equipped with a pressure regulating knob and a backflushing knob. A complete liquid sandblasting machine is generally composed of five systems, namely structural system, medium power system, pipeline system, control system and auxiliary system. There are many systems in the machine industry. There are also certain differences in the types of products and the objects used and processed by sandblasting machines. In recent years, with the continuous development of manufacturing and processing technology and the continuous improvement of processing technology, the application of automatic sandblasting machines has gradually become more extensive.
6. The dimensional accuracy of the automatic sandblasting machine is very accurate, which greatly reduces the damage rate of metal parts.
7. The work of the automatic sandblasting machine will not pollute the environment, will not cause air pollution, and is very environmentally friendly.
8. The fully automatic sandblasting machine can handle the grooves well, with high work efficiency, and can make the surfaces of various workpieces intact and free from pollution.
9. The abrasive of the automatic sandblasting machine will not chemically react with the material of the part, so the surface of the part will not be damaged or polluted.
10. Dynamic spraying, using self-sanding machine to make parts, saving cost, low price, and not very expensive compared with manual sandblasting machine.
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