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Precautions for Glass Sandblasting Machine

Precautions for glass sandblasting machine
The characteristics of the sandblasting machine are that it is equipped with air inlet pressure and sandblasting pressure display, and is equipped with a pressure reducing valve, which can adjust the sandblasting pressure according to needs. A filter is installed at the compressed air inlet to filter out the compressed air. Like other mechanical equipment, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to during the use of the sandblasting machine. If you do not pay attention, the sandblasting machine and our work will be There are certain problems.
1. The design and manufacture of the sandblasting machine shall meet the requirements of the following standards, and shall be manufactured and used in accordance with the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures.
2. The electrical system of the sandblasting machine complies with the provisions of GB/T5226.1.
3. The pneumatic system of the pressure sandblasting machine should comply with GB/T7932.
4. The surface painting of the sandblasting tank of the sandblasting machine conforms to the provisions of JB/T9062, and the other surface paints should conform to the provisions of JB/T5364.
5. The sandblasting machine should clearly identify the type of abrasive and the range of abrasive particle size.
6. The sandblasting machine should specify the working pressure, applicable nozzle diameter and air consumption.
7. The sandblasting machine should be able to operate normally in the environment where the ambient temperature is -10 degrees to 45 degrees and the relative temperature is not more than 90%.
8. The noise sound pressure level of the single-gun recycling sandblasting machine should not exceed 85 decibels. When there is a noise agreement between the two parties, the agreement shall be implemented.
9. The air supply of the air compressor should be greater than 1.25 times the maximum air consumption of the sandblasting machine.
10. The compressed air used by the sandblasting machine must be dry and oil-free.
11. The sandblasting machine should be equipped with safety protection devices.
12. The recycling sandblasting machine should be equipped with a dust removal device. When the non-recyclable sandblasting machine is in use, the operator must have reliable labor protection measures.
13. For hand-held sandblasting machines, when the electronic control switch is set at the spray gun, the control voltage must be a safe voltage.
14. The sandblasting machine does not allow compressed air to be connected, and the spray gun is in the spraying state. After the control signal is lost, the gun should be in a non-spray state.
15. The sealing of each operation and rotation part of the sandblasting machine should be reliable.
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