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Glass Sandblasting Machine Cleaning Method(2)

Glass sandblasting machine cleaning method
Industrial applications of abrasive blasting with soft abrasives such as glass balls, walnut shell meal, corncob meal, powdered matter, powdered organic matter:
1. Aircraft factories - remove oil and carbon deposits from jet engines and turbine blades. Reduce stress and airflow friction and increase fatigue strength.
2. Automobile factory - cleaning engine pistons, cylinders, covers, cylinder blocks and gears. Improve Run 3. Building Construction Company - Clean up trimmed and overhanging plaster.
4. Chemical refineries and oil refineries - cleaning of undesired deposits on turbine blades, water pump rotors, fan blades, copper valve plates and instruments, etc.
5. Dental laboratory - jet cleaning of plastic gums. Remove unwanted heavy skin, tartar and dental flaps.
6. Motors and generators - spray cleaning windings, armatures, rotors, turbines, etc., without damage to the surface.
7. Glass factory - blast cleaning core boxes and molds. Paint removal and effective and safe cleaning of glass surfaces.
8. Gemstones--Excellent for cleaning and polishing jewelry.
9. Machinery - Precision machining of mechanical parts that require extremely limited tolerances, such as in torque converters.
10. Plastics and electronics industry--Removal of residual material after molding of printed circuit boards and plastics with and without metal cores.
11. Rubber industry - blast cleaning of unwanted deposits on steel or aluminum molds without affecting tolerances.
12. Wood--Effective cleaning of wood surfaces. Also pre-textures the surface for case hardening and other special effects.