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Glass Sandblasting Machine Cleaning Method(1)

Glass sandblasting machine cleaning method
Blast cleaning is a method of pretreating or cleaning surfaces with an abrasive gas stream propelled at high velocity through a nozzle. This method has emerged as a modern method of industrial surface preparation and has proven to be the most preferred special blasting medium depending on the application. "Hard" abrasives are generally used for removing paint, rust, and scarring on framing, tanks, concrete, and other hard surfaces. In this type of application, hard abrasives with primarily fast cutting action are most desired. "Soft" abrasives are required where surface removal is minimal and where critical dimensions and tolerances must remain.
Abrasives provides a reliable source for a variety of blast cleaning needs. Whatever your application, by using the company's products, it can be disposed of properly, efficiently and economically. We offer you products with the reputation we have earned over the years of supplying blast cleaning abrasives and equipment to the industry.
Industrial applications for cleaning with hard abrasives such as composites, steel shot or steel grit, alumina, silicon carbide, emery, quartz, garnet, zircon:
1. Metal processing - cleaning, descaling, deburring, sandblasting surface strengthening (cold forging), cold working, finishing, quilting, grinding steel and all metal surfaces. Remove scabs, rust, dust on the machine and clean weldments. Prepare smooth, clean surfaces for painting, painting, welding or other purposes. Fast and economical surfaces for boats, tanks, construction, castings, forgings and all metals
2. Metal Maintenance--Remove excess coatings and impurities on any metal equipment from excavators to ships (steam boats), from boilers to bridges, from license plates to traction locomotives and from forgings to fire trucks.
3. General maintenance - blast cleaning stone, granite, concrete, brick and cement to improve appearance, produce special treatment effects and pre-treat for application or application of waterproofing materials.
4. Special functions - including glass matting, engraving and lettering on granite, and making patterns on bakelite fiber glass or plastic.
5. Other spray treatment applications.
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