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Moisture-proof Measures for Glass Sandblasting Machine

Moisture-proof measures for glass sandblasting machine
Once the sandblasting equipment is wet during use, the performance of the equipment will be greatly affected
1. The equipment should be placed in a well-ventilated and well-lit workshop. It is best to install dust-absorbing and moisture-absorbing sponges on the cooling holes of the equipment, and the sponges should be replaced frequently.
2. The equipment can be waterproofed, such as spraying, dipping, potting and other processes can strengthen the moisture-proof function of the equipment.
3. Select electronic components and materials with low hygroscopicity to avoid the equipment from getting wet to the greatest extent.
4. If the equipment is not used frequently, put it in a dry place, put desiccant, and cover it with a protective cover. If you encounter a humid season such as the rainy season, you can use discolored silica gel to dry, and replace the desiccant frequently.
5. Clean the equipment to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment and its working environment.
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