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Correct Maintenance of Glass Edging Machine

Correct maintenance of glass edging machine
Most glass factories today use glass edgers to process glass. Automatic glass edging machine has become the main equipment for glass processing. Different from the traditional edging machine, this equipment is not only fully automatic, but also can input the parameters of the glass to be processed, and can finish the processing very quickly, and one machine can realize multiple processes including edging, chamfering and polishing .
1. When cleaning glass machinery and equipment, it is best to remove debris not related to production once a day.
2. Replace the circulating water to prevent glass powder from clogging the pump and water pipes.
3. The chains, gears and screws of the glass edging machine should be greased regularly.
4. When suspending use, please keep the surrounding environment of the glass edger dry to prevent rust.
5. Check in time whether the gap between the moving parts of the machine becomes larger, which helps to maintain the accuracy of the machined parts.
6. When processing small pieces of glass with a glass edging machine, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the plywood is flat to ensure that the small glass is clamped smoothly.
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