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How to Use the Glass Polishing Machine

How to use the glass polishing machine
Glass polishing refers to the use of chemical or physical methods to remove lines, scratches and other imperfections on the glass surface, improve the transparency and refractive index of the glass, and make the glass more vitrified. With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, an automatic glass polishing machine - plexiglass polishing machine has been developed.
How to use the plexiglass polishing machine:
1. Turn on the power and unscrew the "emergency stop" button;
2. Adjust the water tank card position to properly lock the water tank, record the data of each card position, and take a photo of the card position.
3. Number the program name and "reset" it to the original position;
4. Adjust the depth of the grinding wheel, pay attention to adjusting the lower limit position of the sensor and the position of the screw;
5. Clear the existing data "Clear data", press "Debug stop", the "Debug start" indicator light is on, start debugging, the steps are as follows:
(1). "Before the grinding wheel", move the grinding wheel forward to the proper position;
(2) "Workpiece is positive", rotate the workpiece by a certain angle;
(3) "After the grinding wheel", move the grinding wheel to a suitable position so that the grinding wheel is in close contact with the arc of the water tank.
6. Complete debugging, monitor data, and check for abnormal data. Correct it if any.
7. After the calibration is completed, press "Debug Start", the debugging start indicator will go out, and the debugging is over; adjust it to "Auto", then "Reset", turn on "Auto Start", and try throwing the tank;
8. Check the polishing effect, make corrections, and complete the debugging.
When polishing the glass polishing machine, the grinding surface of the sample and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and lightly pressed on the polishing disc evenly. At the same time, the sample should be rotated and moved back and forth along the radius of the turntable, so as to prevent the local wear of the polishing fabric from being too fast. During the polishing process of the glass polishing machine, the micropowder suspension should be continuously added to keep the polishing fabric at a certain humidity. In order to achieve the purpose of rough polishing, the rotating speed of the turntable is required to be low, preferably no more than 600r/min. The polishing time should be longer than the time required to remove the scratches because the deformed layer must be removed. After rough polishing, the grinding surface is smooth but dull, and there are uniform and fine wear marks under the microscope, which need to be eliminated by fine polishing.
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