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Function of glass linear edging machine

Glass edging machine is mainly suitable for the processing of furniture glass, architectural glass and craft glass. It is one of the earliest and largest cold processing equipment in glass machinery deep processing equipment. It is mainly used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and chamfering of ordinary flat glass. Generally have manual, digital display control, PLC computer control and other configurations. Reasonable operation, daily cleaning, lubrication and maintenance, can ensure the normal operation of machinery, prolong the life of machinery, improve processing output.

The characteristics of

Glass edging machine has three characteristics: first, the use is relatively single, can only grind all kinds of straight edge; Second, continuous grinding, high production efficiency; The third is to grind the larger size of the flat glass. 

Installation requirements

The installation of glass edging machine needs to ensure that the ground is smooth, and the level of each Angle of the machine should be ensured after installation, otherwise the processing effect will be affected. Make sure that the electric connection is correct, such as foreign special industrial voltage 415V/50HZ, 220V/50HZ, 220/60Hz, if the electric connection error, may lead to burning of the motor of the edge grinding machine or electrical appliances in the electric cabinet box (some countries have no leakage protection switch). Glass edging machine is working under the condition of water and electricity. Customers should judge whether the water supply of the floor water tank configured in the factory is sufficient according to their own processing capacity.