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What is glass straight line edging machine?

Glass edging machine is one of the earliest and largest mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. The main function is to smooth the glass and make some special shapes. The correct and reasonable use of edging machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also prolong the life of the machine. It is divided into single arm special-shaped edge grinding machine, linear edge grinding machine, edge grinding machine by mold.

Working principle edit broadcast

Glass edging machine mainly through grinding head motor and grinding wheel to achieve glass grinding and polishing, ordinary unilateral/bilateral edging machine can achieve rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing at one time. Customers can choose different grinding wheels according to their own processing requirements.

Construction editor broadcast

The conventional unilateral glass edging machine is generally composed of the main machine (base + column + front and rear beam + grinding wheel water tank + motor + electric box, etc.), guide rail at the inlet and outlet end, glass support frame and floor water tank. Different materials and electricity affect the accuracy and service life of the machine; Such as the base of the common unilateral edging machine, the front and rear beams for the castings after quenching treatment can increase the mechanical rigidity, life is generally 10-15 years.

Glass straight edge grinding machine

Unilateral grinding

Straight edge machine is used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and edges of flat glass. The front plate adopts special telescopic press plate, the grinding head drag plate adopts integral dovetail slide plate, the processing speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, with good rigidity, small vibration, easy debugging, high precision and other advantages. Generally have 4 grinding head /8 grinding head /9 grinding head /10 grinding head straight edge machine.

Glass multistage edging machine

Profile grinding

Multi-stage edge grinding machine is suitable for grinding straight edges and 45° edges of flat glass of different sizes and thickness, set rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering and other processes at a time, can adjust the Angle between 0°-45°, adjust the feed speed and feed in the grinding process, adjust the thickness of glass before the guide transformation, Equipped with touch screen display Angle and chamfering width, automatic grinding can set the front chamfering parameters more accurately. There are generally 9 grinding head /10 grinding head multi-stage edge grinding machine.

Glass bevel edging machine

Bilateral grinding

Bevel machine is mainly used for processing straight bevel and round bottom of flat glass. Grinding head with Shanghai famous brand motor of high precision, low energy consumption, main transmission adopts stepless speed reducer, synchronous belt transmission, chain plate used after forging steel and heat treatment through special technology, increasing both before and after the guide strip are super wear resistant materials and strict processing technology, reduce the friction and the pressure plate, very effectively enhances the service life of chain plate and strip, Even in the case of no lubrication can meet the long-term requirements. Existing there are all kinds of lifting beam bevel machine, including front beam lifting and rear beam lifting, beam lifting before the main, on behalf of the manufacturer for good glass machinery, specializing in the production of lifting beam bevel machine, glass size through grinding.

There are generally 9 grinding head /10 grinding head /11 grinding head bevel machine, and divided into large and small pieces of bevel machine, large bevel machine minimum processing size of 100 X100mm, the maximum bevel width is generally 35mm, Angle 3-25°; The minimum processing size of small piece hypotenuse machine is 30 X30mm, the maximum hypotenuse width is generally 15mm, and the Angle is 3-25°. With the improvement of market processing requirements, glass machinery manufacturers have developed and produced the lifting bevel machine in the past 2 years. The minimum size is 30X30mm, the processing Angle is 0-45°, and the maximum width of the bevel is 35mm. As soon as the machine was exhibited in the China Glass Exhibition, it was ordered by many domestic and foreign customers.

Glass round edge grinding machine

Abnormity grinding

This machine is suitable for grinding straight round edge and duck mouth of flat glass of different size and thickness. The use of grinding wheel on the periphery grinding, coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing a complete. Moving the front guide rail to adjust the thickness of glass, using stepless reducer to adjust the speed at will, smooth speed change, high accuracy. There are generally 6 grinding head /8 grinding head round edge grinding machine.

Glass double straight edge grinding machine

Abrasive belt grinding

Suitable for grinding flat glass double straight edging, rough grinding and polishing in one time. Double linear rolling guide rail and double ball screw are used to slide the grinding head seat, so as to achieve stable moving speed, eliminate moving clearance, reduce resistance and wear, and ensure repeated positioning. PLC control system through the interface set processing parameters to complete the processing. Transmission belt drive adopts frequency conversion motor speed control, constant power, constant torque output, stable and reliable. Polishing adopts pneumatic automatic compensation device. Especially suitable for furniture glass and building glass processing. There are generally 16 grinding head /20 grinding head /26 grinding head /28 grinding head double straight edge grinding machine, bilateral grinding machine processing efficiency is high, but the price is relatively high, suitable for large tempered glass factory. Small bilateral edge grinding machine (such as: early 2 grinding head, 4 grinding head and now 6 grinding head 8 grinding head) equipped with glass turntable, glass cleaning machine and other equipment to form the production line.

Glass double round edge grinding machine

The machine adopts PLC control system to complete rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of double circular edges by setting processing parameters on the interface. Frequency conversion motor to adjust the processing speed, double linear guide rail and double screw guide rail structure make it easy to operate, simple structure, accurate and stable processing size, processing speed and other characteristics. There are generally 16 grinding head /20 grinding head /26 grinding head /28 grinding head double round edge grinding machine.

Automatic shaped glass edging machine

The equipment is applied to any glass shape of 1mm-12mm, the minimum processing size is 100mm*80mm, can process round edge and straight edge, a machine to achieve multiple processes including edge grinding, chamfering, polishing, glass product processing in one step, safe and reliable, high degree of automation, high processing efficiency.