Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine
  • Air ProHorizontal Glass Double Edging Machine
  • Air ProHorizontal Glass Double Edging Machine

Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine

Our Best Selling Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine products have been recognized by our customers with advanced production technology and good quality. Fast Glass Double Edging Production Machines Lines is a professional processing equipment for edge grinding and chamfering of rectangular original glass. It is suitable for processing insulating glass of buildings, doors and Windows, white glass and low-E glass. The unit realizes the automatic detection and adjustment of glass size, without manual input, fully automatic operation, fast processing speed, greatly improving the processing capacity of bulk single and reducing the processing cost.Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the market.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine

Product Features of Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine

High Quliaty Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers

·The glass size is detected by the automatic detection table, which realizes the automatic adjustment of any size without manual input, which greatly improves the processing capacity of bulk orders;

·Width adjustment adopts servo system to drive high-precision TBI Taiwan screw mechanism, with high adjustment accuracy, and the opening and closing speed can reach 8m/min;

The rough processing speed of glass can reach 20 m/min, the production capacity is four times that of ordinary double-sided machines, the glass does not stop during the edging process, and the time and processing efficiency are much higher than those of four-sided grinding;

·Grinding head energy-saving technology, when there is no glass processing in the machine, the grinding head motor automatically decelerates, and the whole machine is more energy-saving;

·It can be connected with the loading and unloading table, cleaning machine and chamfering machine to realize unmanned automatic production line, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the enterprise.


Major Technical Specification of Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine

Max Glass Dimension: 4200mmx2500mm

Min Glass Dimension: 350mmx350mm

Grinding Speed: 0.4~20m/min

Glass Thickness: 3~30mm

Max Speed Of Adjusting The Glass Width: 8m/min

Power: 132.6kW

Total Weight: 15500kg

Working Table Height: 900mm±20mm

Machine Take Up Space: 14783x13980x2200mm



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