Automatic Glass Straight Line Edging Machine
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Automatic Glass Straight Line Edging Machine

We have many years of experience in the production of Automatic Glass Straight Line Edging Machine. This machine is used for rough and fine grinding and polishing of bevelling edge of flat glass as well as grinding of bottom. It adopts chainless transmit plate to transfer glass, with stable transmission and high grinding precision. Front track can up and down, max.bevel width is 60mm.The rear transmitting plate is equipped with automatic cleaning device, and can grind rear transmitting plate by itself to keep high precision for a long time. Auto and manual oil supply system is equipped to guarantee machine working under a good lubrication condition to increase the stability. PLC and HMI are adopted for control and display, operator can preset the thickness of glass to be processed, the remained thickness after grinding and the width of bevelling edge.

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Product Description

Automatic Glass Straight Line Edging Machine

Machine Brief Description

China Manufacture Straight Line Glass Edging Machine.This machine can process small glass of 25mmx25mm. The finish of glass is very shining. Conveyor adopt chainless rolling transmitting system, which consists of three bearings rolling along high precision tempered steel guides, the movement of glass is very stable Spindles are driven by high precision motors. Basement and frame are made of cast iron to ensure stability and solidity Working speed is adjustable through speed requlator Working speed and glass thickness appear on digital display.


Major Technical Specification

Processing Speed: 0.4~5.5m/min

Bevel angle: 3-45°

Max.bevel width: 60mm processing size: 25mmx25mm

Glass thickness: 3~19mm

Total power: 28.8kW

Land area: 8.25mx1.51m

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